The Transfiguration of the Lord
II Class

PS. 76. 19

ILLUXERUNT coruscatióne tuæ orbi terræ: commóta est et contrémuit terra. Ps. 83. 2-3. Quam dilécta taber­nácula tua, Dómine virútum! concupíscit et déficit ánima mea in átria Dómini. ℣. Glória Patri…

THY lightnings enlightened the world: the earth shook and trembled. Ps. How lovely are Thy tabernacles, O Lord of Hosts! my soul longeth and fainteth for the courts of the Lord. ℣. Glory be to the Father…


Deus, qui fídei sacraménta in Unigéniti tui gloriósa Trans­figuratióne patrum testimó­nio roborásti, et adoptiónem filiórum perféctam voce de­lápsa in nube lúcida mira­bíliter præsignásti: concéde propítius; ut ipsíus Regis gló­riæ nos coherédes effícias, et ejúsdem glóriæ tríbuas esse consórtes. Per eúmdem Dóminum nostrum…

O God, who in the glorious Transfiguration of Thine only-begotten Son didst confirm the mysteries of the faith by the witness of the fathers, and in the voice which came down from the shining cloud, didst wondrously foreshow the perfect adoption of sons: vouchsafe in Thy loving kindness, to make us coheirs with this King of glory, and to grant that we may be made partakers of that same glory. Through the same our Lord…

2 PETER 1. 16-19

Caríssimi: Non doctas fábu­las secúti notam fécimus vo­bis Dómini nostri Jesu Chri­sti virtútem et præséntiam sed speculatóres facti illíus magnitúdinis. Accípiens enim a Deo Patre honórem et gló­riam, voce delápsa ad eum hujuscémodi a magnífica glória: Hic est Fílius meus di­léctus, in quo mihi complá­cui, ipsum aúdite. Et hanc vocem nos audívimus de cælo allátam, cum essémus cum ipso in monte sancto. Et ha­bémus firmiórem prophéti­cum sermónem: cui bene fá­citis attendéntes, quasi lucérnæ lucénti in caliginóso loco, donec dies elucéscat, et lúci­fer oriátur in córdibus vestris.

Dearly beloved: We have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known to you the power and presence of our Lord Jesus Christ; but having been made eyewitnesses of His majesty. For He received from God the Father honor and glory; this voice coming down to Him from the excellent glory: This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, hear ye Him. And this voice we heard brought from heaven, when we were with Him in the holy mount. And we have the more firm prophetical word, whereunto you do well to attend, as to a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day-star arise in your hearts.

Psalm 44. 3, 2

Speciósus forma præ fíliis hó­minum: diffúsa est grátia in lábiis tuis. ℣. Eructávit cor meum verbum bonum: dico ego ópera mea Regi.

Thou art beautiful above the Sons of men: Grace is poured abroad in Thy lips. ℣. My heart hath uttered a good word: I speak my works to the King.

Wisdon 7. 26

Allelúia, allelúia. ℣. Candor est lucis ætérnæ, spéculum si­ne mácula, et imágo bonitátis illíus. Allelúia.

Alleluia, alleluia. ℣. He is the brightness of eternal light, the unspotted mirror, and the image of His goodness. Alleluia.

Matthew 17. 1-9

In illo témpore: Assúmpsit Jesus Petrum, et Jacóbum, et Joánnem fratrem ejus, et duxit illos in montem excélsum seórsum: et transfiguratus est ante eos. Et resplénduit fácies ejus sicut sol: vestiménta au­tem ejus facta sunt alba sicut nix. Et ecce apparuérunt illis Móyses et Elías cum eo lo­quéntes. Respóndens autem Petrus, dixit ad Jesum: Dó­mine, bonum est nos hic es­se: si vis, faciámus hic tria ta­bernácula, tibi unum, Móysi unum, et Elíæ unum. Adhuc eo loquénte, ecce nubes lúci­da obumbrávit eos. Et ecce vox de nube, dicens: Hic est Fílius meus diléctus, in quo mihi bene complácui: ipsum audíte. Et audiéntes discípuli, cecidérunt in fáciem suam, et timuérunt valde. Et accéssit Jesus, et tétigit eos, dixítque eis: Súrgite, et nolíte timére. Levántes autem óculos suos, néminem vidérunt nisi so­lum Jesum. Et descendénti­bus illis de monte, præcépit eis Jesus, dicens: Némini di­xéritis visiónem, donec Fílius hóminis a mórtuis resúrgat.

At that time Jesus taketh Peter and James, and John his brother, and bringeth them up into   a high mountain apart: and He was transfigured before them. And his face did shine as the  sun: and His garments became white as snow. And behold there appeared to them Moses and Elias talking with Him. And Peter answering, said to Jesus:  Lord, it is good for us to be here: if Thou wilt, let us make here three tabernacles, one for Thee, and one for Moses, and one for Elias. And as he was yet speaking, behold a bright cloud overshadowed them. And lo, a voice out of the cloud, saying: This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased: hear ye Him. And the disciples hearing, fell upon their face and were very much afraid. And Jesus came and touched them, and said to them: Arise, and fear not. And they lifting up their eyes saw no one, but only Jesus. And as they came down from the mountain, Jesus charged them, saying: Tell the vision to no man till the Son of Man be risen from the dead.

Psalm 111. 3

Glória et divítiæ in domo ejus: et justítia ejus manet in sǽ-culum sǽculi, allelúia.

Glory and wealth are in his house: and his justice remaineth for ever and ever, alleluia.


Vere dignum et justum est, aequum et salutare, nos tibi semper, et ubique gratias agere: Domine sancte, Pater omnipotens, aeterne Deus: per Christum Dominum nostrum. Per quem majestatem tuam laudant Angeli, adorant Dominationes, tremunt Potestates. Coeli coelorumque Virtutes ac beata Seraphim socia exsultatione concelebrant. Cum quibus et nostras voces ut admitti jubeas, deprecamur supplici confessione dicentes:

It it truly meet and just, right and for our salvation, that we should at all times, and in all places, give thanks to Thee, holy Lord, Father almighty, eternal God, through Christ our Lord: through Whom Angels praise Thy Majesty, Dominations worship, Powers stand in awe: the Heavens and the host of heaven with blessed Seraphim unite, exult and celebrate and we entreat that Thou wouldst bid our voices also to be heard with theirs, singing with lowly praise:


Obláta, quǽsumus, Dómine, múnera, gloriósa Unigéniti tui Transfiguratiónes sanctífi­ca: nosque a peccatórum má­culis, splendóribus ipsíus illu­stratiónis emúnda. Per eúmdem Dóminum…

Mindful of the glorious Transfiguration of Thine only begotten Son, hallow, we beseech Thee, O Lord, the gifts we offer: and by the brightness of His glory, cleanse us from the stains of sin. Through the same our Lord…

Matthew 17. 9

Visiónem quam vidístis né­mini dixéritis, donec a mór­tuis resúrgat Fílius hóminis..

Tell the vision you have seen to no man, till the Son of man be risen from the dead.  .


Præsta, quǽsumus, omnípo­tens Deus: ut sacrosáncta Fí­lii tui Transfiguratiónis my­stéria, quæ solémni celebrá­mus offício, purificátæ men­tis intelligéntia consequámur. Per eúmdem Dóminum…

Vouchsafe unto us, we beseech Thee, almighty God, by the intelligence of a pure mind to attain to the understanding of the most sacred mystery of the Transfiguration of Thy Son, which with solemn worship we venerate. Through the same our Lord…

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