St. Peter Damien
Commemoration during Lent


Concéde nos, quaesumus, omnípotens Deus: beáti Petri Confessóris tui atque Pontíficis mónita et exémpla sectári; ut per terréstrium rerum contémptum ætérna gáudia consequámur. Per Dominum nostrum.

Grant us, we beseech You, almighty God, to follow the counsel and examples of St. Peter, Your Confessor and Bishop, so that by setting earthly goods at naught we may attain everlasting happiness. Through our Lord.


Sancti Petri Pontíficis tui atque Doctóris nobis, Dómine, pia non desit orátio, quæ et múnera nostra concíliet; et tuam nobis indulgéntiam semper obtíneat. Per Dominum nostrum.

May the loving prayer of blessed Peter, Your Bishop and Doctor, fail us never, O Lord; may it commend our offerings and ever secure for us Your forgiveness. Through our Lord.


Salutáris tui, Dómine, múnere satiáti, súpplices exorámus: ut, cuius lætámur gustu, renovémur efféctu. Per Dominum nostrum.

So that your sacrificial rites may grant us salvation, we pray you, O Lord, that blessed Peter, Your Bishop and illustrious Doctor, may draw nigh as our intercessor. Through our Lord.

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